Travel Thoughtfully in the Holy Land

Traveling thoughtfully and faithfully is an invitation to travel in a way that positively impacts the traveler; as well as the destination, the land, and the people who call this land home. We serve to provide a transformative pilgrimage for travelers seeking to explore the “ancient stones” of biblical sites. Then, within an engaged, supportive community, we will come to know many of the “living stones,” people of faith who live, endure, and witness within the holy but troubled land. When traveling to the Holy Land, can be overwhelming with the multiple layers of history, the often conflicting and confounding current events,
and the significant cultural differences. At Elias Tours, our mission is to build up the Christian community in the Holy Land,
so all can be connected to what God has done, and what God continues to do in the Holy Land. The mission of Elias Tours is to link travelers to the faithful Christian community in Palestine, Israel, and Jordan. We provide travelers with resources and ample opportunities for reflection to enrich their experience with planning that is intentional, respectful, and responsible. This is how we live our mission. 

Elias Tours Mission

Support, Enhance, and Grow our Christian Community

➔ Right now, Christians make up 1.3% of the population in Israel/Palestine. Even though this is the holy land where Christianity began, Christians are now a very small and hard-pressed minority in the Holy Land.
➔ Global tour leaders who organize Holy Land tours often underestimate the impact they can make by working with local Holy Land/Christian agencies.
➔ Elias Tours works directly with local Holy Land leaders, churches, schools, vendors, shop owners, and community leaders. and hospitals. Many of our Elias Tours staff belong to, work with, and are deeply connected to these local organizations. They are not just people we work with; they are a vital part of who we are as a community.

Connect all to what God has done

➔ The Holy Land is important because this is where Jesus was born and chose to do his ministry.
➔ These are not just historical sites. These are holy places where God chose to move, to speak, and to be.
➔ Once you walk in these historic and holy footsteps, you will never hear nor read the scripture again in the same way.        

What God continues to do in the Holy Land

➔ Elias Tours values lifting up local organizations, stories, and people.
➔ We connect you to the local stories, organizations, and movements that are happening in the Holy Land now; so, you can participate in the movement of the Spirit in the Holy Land TODAY and BEYOND! 

Additional ways we support you and your community,

Elias Nawawieh, Elias Tours Owner, was born and raised in Bethlehem. He has witnessed the tour industry from many different vantage points. It continues to be deeply important to have our own staff on the ground and not hire out our tour groups to other companies.

● Often when you sign up with a tour organization, those companies work with 3rd parties; and without your awareness, transfer your group to another company.
That 3rd party who meets your group at your destination probably has not had any personal relationship or contact with you or anyone in your group.

● Months in advance of your trip, Elias’ team works with you directly, and will personally meet with your group to help prepare and answer questions. They continue to walk with you from the first moment of planning your Holy Land pilgrimage, and continue throughout your entire journey and even after you return home.

● Communication is essential to the success of any tour. By working directly with and through Elias and his team, a personal connection allows communication to flow quickly, efficiently, and clearly. That direct connection to and with Elias Tours staff allows for quick decisions regarding safety, daily itinerary, and ease of travel.


We look forward to thoughtfully hosting you and your communities in the Holy Land.
Elias Tours Team