Christmas has been canceled in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Lets not cancel the living stones, You can help our Guides and drivers and there families. 100% of all donations will go directly to the families.

Recent tragic events in the Holy Lands have given us much to lament as we mourn the loss of so many innocent lives. There are so many victims for whom we can and must pray, and at times it feels so overwhelming that we do not know where to start. We struggle to believe that we can make a meaningful difference, however small in scope. But there is in fact something meaningful and tangible that we can do. Among the victims of the current violence is a group that is overlooked by the media and all the relief agencies. They are the faithful Palestinian Christians in the West Bank who are the beating heart of the pilgrimage business. These Palestinian Christians are an ever-shrinking minority of peacemakers and Jesus followers in a region dominated by religious extremists on all sides. Day-after-day, they tell the story of Jesus to pilgrims from around the world, and they are Christ’s agents of holy transformation as through their words, actions, and service, Jesus becomes not just an idea but a man – the Son of God. Predictably, war and violence severely reduces tourism and travel, and for these Palestinian Christians, their livelihoods are at risk. They are theologically trained guides, bus drivers, hotel staff, and retailers of Holy Land merchandise like olive wood crosses and icons. They are people like us – people who love Jesus and who have devoted their lives to sharing his life-giving story. These people have helped tens of thousands to build and fortify their faith in Christ. Perhaps you are one of them. Now it is our time to help them.

Now is the time for the pilgrims to say thank you. Can you help?          

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